A Comprehensive Guide About Website Development Services In India – Laravel Framework

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks of web development. Laravel is free and open sourced. There are many Laravel development companies in India. This open source framework can be used to develop innovative applications, custom website development, and other web services.

There are many advantages of choosing Laravel development. Few of them are as follows :

  • Flexibility: Laravel offers flexible migration options.
  • Stability: Laravel is known for its stability. It is very effortless to maintain as well, making it a popular choice.
  • Security: Laravel is the most secure framework which is available. It offers a significant level of security measures. Laravel provides CSRF tokens which take care that your site is secure.  Its syntax prevents cross-site scripting.
  • Authentication: Laravel provides a very effective authentication process.
  • Blade template: Laravel has a very impressive blade template engine. The blade template works very effectively with HTML. It allows you to extend views, define sections, to loop and escape conditional statements.
  • Fast caching: Laravel allows a very smooth user experience due to backend caching.
  • Cloud storage: An exciting feature of Laravel is its cloud storage. It gives you the option to choose either of the two file system – Amazon S3 and Rackspace Cloud storage.
  • MVC support: Laravel supports MVC, which makes it superior to other frameworks. No other framework has hassle-free support to MVC. This helps in improving the overall performance and functionality.

All these advantages give you a good reason to choose Laravel. There are a few cons, as well, and few of them being that it is too slow and uses only PHP 7+. The upgrades might be a little problematic, as well.

Responsive web design is a design that makes the content viewable on several devices of different screen resolution and screen sizes. A website designed with responsive web designs adapts to the layout of the screen. It does this through a fluid grid concept, flexible images, media queries, and responsive layouts.

Responsive web design makes your web page look good in all devices ranging from a computer to a smartphone. Gone are the days when individuals only used their personal computer to view web pages. With the advancement of technology, every person now prefers to view content on their devices like a tablet and smartphone. You should make sure that your website looks good on any device and that no critical information is being left out when using different methods. To make sure this happens, you will require responsive website development services.

Developers use responsive web design and through HTML and CSS hide, enlarge, shrink or move the content to make it look good on any type and size of the screen.

There are several reasons to go for a responsive design. Few of them are as follows:

Saves time: With a responsive design, you can optimise your business using a single website for all your devices. It cuts down on developmental costs and time.

  • SEO friendly: If your website has a responsive design, then it ranks higher on search engines.
  • User-friendly layout: With a responsive design, your website has a very clean and user-friendly plan, which will make it popular among your customers. It allows easy access to customers on all types of devices.
  • Loading Time: With a responsive design, your browser does not waste time on redirecting to a mobile version of your website. Thus, saving the loading time of the website.
  • Adjustable screen: With a responsive design, you do not have to waste time zooming, shrinking or enlarging your screen. The website will automatically adjust to your present screen.
  • Customer satisfaction: With all the features mentioned above, your customer is bound to be satisfied with the hassle-free, user-friendly and smooth experience of your website.

Thus, responsive web development services are no more optional and have become a necessity in today’s world. With the development of various kinds of technological devices, users now opt to use a variety of methods to view the same content. Hence, having a responsive website will help you acquire more users and will increase your business’ exposure to all other potential customers.

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